Arguing in front of the Kids

Arguing in front of the Kids – should we do it, not do it? Or is it not so much about whether we do it but HOW we do it? If you enjoyed this video, please support Parenting for Life: and Like your Facebook Page:…


Woundology – When your Victim Status becomes a Power Move

In this video I discuss some dimensions that opened up for me while reading Caroline Myss’ – Anatomy of the Spirit book. We all go through various traumas, injuries and injustices throughout our lives. And while it’s important to process these events, it can be easy to remain stuck in the process and to not resolve them inside ourselves. As much as we may feel disempowered within being a victim, in many subtle ways we may use our victims status to control and manipulate those around us. Have you ever used your victim status to excuse yourself and not take responsibility for something? Have you ever been overly compassionate with people whom you know have gone through trauma, where despite your best intentions, your consideration and ‘support’ actually keep them locked in a lesser version of themselves and not giving them the space to move on and expand?

Don’t Believe the Portal!!

Don’t believe a thing she says!!

Otherwise you will remain a follower – borrowing someone else’s truth without having made it your own. You’ll be in conflict with yourself, because you haven’t actually tested, investigated and applied the words for yourself. Overtime – resentment builds. You start to question, get angry, rebel! Because you know: I’ve been blindly following. I’ve been living and doing ‘because she/he said so’.

When we are angry and rebel at perceived authority figures – are we really angry at them? Or are we angry at our own lack of integrity and investigative abilities? Where are you not taking responsibility for yourself and instead place all the power in the hands of another?